The unfiltered truth about the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and its tiered water rate scheme 
In July of 2008 The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority took control of the water and sewer utilities operated by the City of Wilmington, North Carolina and New Hanover County. At that time the CFPUA imposed an increasing tiered water rate structure, a rate structure which ultimately discriminates against families. The primary focus of this web site is to educate the public and bring an end to this form of government sponsored discrimination. 

Tiered Water rates discriminate against families. It's simple. The more people in a household, the more water that will be used. Tiered water rates charge higher prices based on consumption without taking into account the number of family members in the household. Families end up paying a higher price for their water simply because of the number of people in their household.
Tired water rates penalize families for essential water needs. Under the CFPUA's tiered rate scheme, even families that conserve  are punished with a higher price per gallon for using the bare minimum of water for the basic necessities of life, such as drinking water and bathing.

The CFPUA's tiered rate structure violates the American Water Works Association standards. According to AWWA standards the CFPUA’s tiered rate structure is punitive to families, punishing families with higher prices where there is no discretion in usage.

The CFPUA's tiered rate structure violates it's own stated rate policy that it “it should provide the lowest cost for essential us." It does not. It punishes families with second and third tier rates for essential water needs. 

Water rates for families skyrocket under CFPUA 
The CFPUA balances its budget on the backs of larger families. The price some families pay to meet basic water needs has shot up more than 140% under the CFPUA, skyrocketing from $1.87 to $4.50 per 1000 gallons.
Our water rates are some of the fastest rising in the state. The current rate structure punishes familes for essential water needs. CFPUA Board members need to hear from you. Attend the monthly meetings and make your voice heard.

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CFPUA CEO says some families must pay a higher price so that other customers can get a break
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